Lessons From Nelson Mandela

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Yesterday, South Africa began its tribute and celebration of the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela. President Barack Obama spoke eloquently at his services. Today at the Washington National Cathedral the Official United States Memorial for Nelson Mandela will be held. My wife and I are honored to receive an invitation from the Embassy of the Republic of South Africa to attend.

When one reflects upon the life of Nelson Mandela there are some lessons I have learned:

1. Truth is a powerful weapon against injustice.

2. Personal integrity means one's willingness to ask for forgiveness and to reflect upon one's actions.

3. Leadership requires organizational capacity and followship.

4. Longevity does have its place.

5. God is ultimately in control of life's nuances.

6. Commitment is yielding the nerve center of your consent such that the yielding means more than whether you live or die.

7. Stability in your personal relationship strengthens your public persona.

8. Learn to be intentional in your statements and wise in your judgements.

9. Think globally and act locally.

10. Personal sacrifice is a reality of public life.

11. Be willing to train others because no one is indispensable.

12. Ultimately true change occurs within the system while agitation occurs outside of it.

13. Prisons can hold your body, but not your mind and spirit.

14. Relationships have no racial, sexual, economic, geographic, or religious limits



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