Performance Under Pressure

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Monday Night's football game between the Ravens and the Lions featured a 61 yard field goal by Justin Tucker. Throughout the night for the Ravens, he was their scoring machine. He kicked 6 field goals accurately. Nevertheless, a 61 yard field goal with the game and his team's playoff chances hanging in the balance was a pressure filled moment. We witnessed Justin Tucker perform under pressure. He said to his coach, "I got this!" as he was standing on the sidelines waiting to come into the game. 

Few of us may ever have the opportunity to perform under the pressure of a game situation, but we are always under the pressure of having to make a decision between right or wrong. Those pressure packed situations happen everyday. Someone plucks your last nerve, someone defames your integrity, someone calls you out of your name, or someone wants you to join them in wrong doing, we are constantly in pressure situations. You face  the personal tension of yielding or not yielding to the seduction of sin or willing entering into a sinful matter. You feel the tension as your nervous system wrestles with the ideas in your mind. Do I treat someone right or treat them wrong? That's another pressure packed moment for you.

How do you respond when you are under the pressure of Satan seeking to steal, kill, or destroy your joy, your hope, your salvation, your peace, or your very life? How do you respond in the pressure filled moment when you must choose between right our wrong?

My prayer is that you perform under pressure in a manner that causes the angels to sing and that pleases God. I pray that you make the decision to follow the path of Jesus Christ all the way. It may feel like pressure for the moment, but after you perform under the pressure, you will discover an unbelievable joy. You will win the victory over sin. You will become God's hero.

Make this the day, just like Justin Tucker did last night, that when you are facing your moment of extreme pressure, tell God that because He is on your side, "I got this!"



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