Every Tub Stands on Its Own Bottom

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I remember a distinguished professor from Harvard, Dr. Preston Williams would say, "Every Tub Stands on Its Own Bottom." He was communicating the idea that everyone is responsible for their own actions, their plan, and the results. Responsibility is the opposite side of the coin marked freedom. If you want freedom, you have to take responsibility. They are inseparable. They are forever connected.

Its a travesty to see so many people shirking responsibility and wondering why they are not free. They wonder why programmatic changes hamper their access to benefits. They wonder why segments of our population continue to say, "no free lunch."

It is unfortunate so many people are dependent on the systematic distribution of benefits, but when its time to impact policy changes or to vote, they are no where to be found.

This is how our secular system works. Freedom and responsibility are connected at the hip. If you desire something in life, you must work for it, work to protect, and work to keep it. You must be responsible to be free.

Take a pledge today to be responsible for your freedom. Endeavor to work, to participate, and to advocate for resources and benefits for you and your community.

Never relinquish your freedoms to others whims. Be responsible and be free!



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