A Wonderful World

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, August 18, 2009

As our summer turns to fall and our shorts are put up for warmer pants, I can't help but think about Rio De Janerio. It's winter there and the beach is full of people enjoying the water, the sun, and the refreshing breeze off of the Atlantic Ocean. Copacabana Beach is one of the finest places in the world. People come from everywhere to experience the white sand and blue salt water.

Sometimes, I feel like I was born in the wrong place. But, I've learned to" count my blessings and to name them one by one." We are blessed to live in a country and a world that is so beautiful, to have transportation systems capable to take you anywhere your heart's desires and your ability to afford, and to know that indeed, "the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof and all they that live therein."

So I have no remorse. Baltimore, even with all of its problems, is a nice place. From here we can see the Atlantic Ocean; we can travel to the Piedmont Mountains; we can wonder through forest areas; we can spend more money than necessary at malls all over the place; and we can visit houses of worship that are outstanding and beautiful.

If we could only learn to live on this planet together, what a wonderful world this would be!

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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Yes, yes, I AGREE! TrAvelling the world really makes one appreciate the attributes that are only found in Baltimore! After all, I am partial to what Dorothy had to say clicking my feet together,"there is no place like home."



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