The Joy and Sadness of a Child Leaving Home

Posted by Unknown Friday, August 14, 2009

Before I share experiences from my summer vacation in Brazil, I want to describe the most unique feeling I felt this morning and wonder if others have had the same feeling.

My son is leaving to go to Dallas Texas to move into his new home and to start his business career. When a child leave home for the last time, it brings feelings of joy and sadness.

The joy is in the feeling that as a parent you have done your best to prepare them and you are excited for them as they seek to make their place in the world. Your prayers have been answered and your hopes have been fulfilled. Your child is able to stand on his or her on two feet. In an era when young people are having a difficult time to earn enough income and find affordable housing; here is a young man who was able to finish eight years of college, during which he acquired four degrees, buy a house, and secure a good job - all within ninety days of graduating! A tremendous accomplishment during a time of economic uncertainty. As a parent you can only feel pride and joy.

On the other hand when a child leave home to begin their own home, it signals an end of an era. The child has become an adult. Gone forever are the days of playful tussling, engaging in sports activities, trips to the museums and sites where you are seen as the authority and the guide throughout life's experiences. Gone forever are the days when you can speak without question and the awe of simply being Dad bring reverence and adulation. Gone forever are the days of counseling through all the stages of life and interpreting the events of the times. Gone forever are the sounds of tiny feet and the chatter of audible sounds. Gone forever is the need to depend upon you for financial and spiritual support. Your child has become an adult and will sink or swim on their own power. This phase of your task is over. Life as a parent is entering a new phase.

Will he make good decisions? Yes if the past is any predictor of the future; he will! Will he chose good friends? Yes because "birds of a feather do flock together." Will he be able to tap into the resources of his community? Yes he has learn to become self-reliant and like a bird being pushed out of a nest; he believes and knows he can fly.

Now continues the prayers of a parent who has attempted to be righteous and ask that God protect and provide. Endless prayers are uttered as you rely upon a God who is able to do all things but fail. Pray life become deeper. Prayer life becomes poignant and powerful as the umbilical cord of a parent is severed and the child's need for a spiritual umbilical cord to God is strengthened.

I'm so glad to know that when you feel joy, true joy; it is a divine experience that comes from God. And when you feel sad, all you need to do is to lift up your heads all you gates and the King of Glory shall come in. Who is the King of Glory? The Lord strong and mighty, he is the King of Glory.

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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. glory>glory>GLORY>GLORY>HALLEJUAH, HALLEJUAH>!yes, yes, yes, YES, YES Jesus YES!Rev. Dr. Hathaway it brings to mind my leaving home to UHH (University of Hawaii at Hilo)six thousand miles away from my familarity-and i had not come up with nearly as mucH(A PRAYING FATHER AND MOTHER 2 JESUS OF NAZARETH)-BUT GOD-i SAY BUT GOD -the RULER OF MY LIFE, before the foundation of this Earth had already worked it out-WE try 2 figure it out>again I DECLARE butGOD>WILL SAY u ALVIN HATHAWAY SR, and JR HAVE been faithful over a few things-WELL DONE!!!ENTER rest>trust , trust, trust, trust, trust,TRUST-the good work i have began in you and ur descendants will not be complete until I RETURN 4 U!



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