1st Lady Michelle Obama

Posted by Unknown Monday, August 24, 2009

1st Lady Michelle Obama is an attractive sister. She makes us proud as she represents the best of African American womanhood and motherhood. Her every move is scrutinized and analyzed.

Here she is descending from Air Force One on a vacation trip to the Grand Canyon in Arizona during a hot summer day and because she is casually dressed with mid length to her legs summer shorts some are calling her dress inappropriate because she is photographed as the first 1st Lady wearing shorts. Humorously one commentator remarked, "what are you talking about they are not Daisy Dukes?"

This sister; who regularly exercises, maintains a healthy diet, and looks good, is blessed with a physic that honors God. She takes care of the Temple God has blessed her with.

I'm proud of her and I am pleased to call her the 1st Lady of America. History will record as Frank Sinatra would sing, she did it, "my way."

Continue to reflect the best of our sisterhood and continue to keep the world guessing and wondering how is it possible that we never saw this coming; An African American family in the White House who are able to live life with dignity under a microscope and do it well.

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