Strong Mothers keep on Giving

Posted by Unknown Friday, August 21, 2009

This picture was taken on the streets of Rio De Janerio. It was the first time I had ever witnessed a woman sitting on the street nursing her baby. As I watched her in this most intimate of moments demonstrating the love and care of a mother to her child, I thought how much mothers all over the world are willing to sacrifice for their children.

Where would we be without mothers who give all they have to insure that their children receive the best life could offer.

A closer look at this mother reveals that her baby is well nourished, that she appears to be in reasonable health, and that their clothes are clean. I gave them some of the money I had so they could enjoy whatever they choose to buy.

Where are they now? Where do they live? Where did they go?

They are miles away from Baltimore; but under the watchful eye of a loving God.


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