The Importance of Recreation

Posted by Unknown Saturday, August 15, 2009

There is a spiritual dimension to recreation that we sometimes misunderstand. We think of recreation as sporting activity or an exercise activity. In fact recreation is literally: the state of re-creating. Recreating is the process we find in the Genesis story when after six days God recreated on the seventh day. We interpret that to mean rest, but a true interpretation reveals that God began the process again of re-creating.

In our human dimension we need to take the time to re-create; some call it vacation time. Re-creating is one's opportunity to renew your mind, to refresh your thoughts and to recharge your batteries. It is best done away from the routine and mundane rituals of one's life.

God has created a beautiful earth and universe. I recommend that you explore the rich beauty of our world. Visit museums, travel to distance places, take time to walk unfamiliar terrain, see America and be certain to see the world. In exploring and in traveling you are able to recreate your life's experiences and transform your perspective on life.

If God has blessed you with companionship, take you special someone with you. If you are enjoying the blessedness of singleness, always remember that "he will walk with you and talk with you and tell you that he is your own, and the joy you will share as you tarry there, none other will every know."


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