The Right to Bear Arms?

Posted by Unknown Saturday, August 1, 2009

We are moving dangerous close to anarchy in urban areas across America with the never ending gun violence occurring in the streets of our cities. It is particularly disturbing that young African American males are disproportionally involved as assailants and as victims. Candle light vigils have been held. Stop the killing rallies have been conducted. Still the wave of violence has reached "Tsunami" levels. There appears to be no end in sight. It seems as if the Prohibition violence of the roaring twenties was a minor skirmishes in comparison. With Al Capone there appear to be some order even to the violence of the Chicago era. Our modern violent episodes have no rhyme or reason.

If not for the NRA, serious advances would be made to cease having weapons in the hands of citizens, law abiding as well as criminal. Should we tamper with the Constitution and make it a federal crime in all instances to bear arms? This is the dilemma. No one is willing to relinquish their weapons when violent criminals are lurking everywhere and they strike in random ways.


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