Castle in the Sand

Posted by Unknown Monday, August 17, 2009

On the beach in Rio De Janerio a young man created this castle in the sand.

It caused me to wonder how many times in life have we attempted to built something out of material that would soon wash away.

Relationship built upon false premises. Careers attempted without antiquate preparation. Goals set without clear objectives. No matter how ingenious one might be; you must build your hopes on things that are eternal.

There is a eternal reality to life that is grounded in the life teaching principles of God. Love has to be self-sacrificial. Truth has to be without compromise. Services has to be to others. Giving must be from the heart. Revenge should be left to God. Forgiveness should be the order of the day. Thriftiness should be your creed. Slothfulness should be abhorred.

There are principles in life that are timeless. If you live life according to its principles, you will find that your castle will not be built of sand; but built on the eternal rock of your salvation. Start you week with a prayer that God will equip you with the materials of life to build each step of your journey on the solid rock of Jesus Christ.

"All other ground is sinking sand."


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