Prison Cells hold us back

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Salvador, Brazil was one of the ports during the Slave trade where 40% of the slaves landed and were held for "curing".

Families were broken up. Members of tribes were separated. Slaves were shipped from South America to the cotton fields of the South in the United States of America.

These jail bars are from a fort where our ancestors were held in bondage. These bars are not unlike the cages we find in prisons throughout America holding people of color who either stood before the bar of justice or will stand before the bar of justice.

If it is justice? Why is it that just us filled the cells of America in disproportionate numbers to our population? Why doesn't rehabilitation occur to redirect lives in a positive direction?

In Salvador over 85% of the population is of African descent. It is a thriving city with commerce everywhere. Poverty exists but opportunity abounds.

We are lagging behind in the world community by the staggering numbers of African and Latino men and women behind bars.

If the song says, "everything must changes, nothing remains the same." When will this devastating noose around the neck of our community be cut loose? When will our community reject paths that lead to incarceration for those trails that lead to independence and self-sufficiency?

I pray that it is sooner rather than later.

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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. I DECLARE in the name above every name-Jesus of Nazareth>Change has come!! The King of Kings told US that the "poor" will always be among US! Not only the financially poor Doc-but the "lame,the maimed, and the blinded". Our Father is such a LOVING God that HE gives US the choice(FREEWILL) EACH day as to who WE will FOLLOW. Systemically, WE can't see the TREES for the FOREST> the TREES OF HOPE/FAITH, DETERMINATION, BOLDNESS, ACTION, & COURAGE are flourishing in OUR COMMUNITY...nonetheless, the FOREST of SELF (me or mine) inhibit GROWTH & TOGETHERNESS....Think back to the Negro anthem's for a clue-"WE'VE COME THIS FAR BY FAITH.."-"WE SHALL OVERCOME..."> and the like as prime examples of what WE cannot do independently>but INTERDEPENDENT on OUR SOVERIGN SAVIOR that guides US to form RELATIONSHIPS with who HE wishes for HIS PURPOSE!



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