Who's your Prayer Partner?

Posted by Unknown Saturday, December 12, 2009

Recent news events involving international sports figures, professional football players, local and national political figures causes one to pause and ask the Marvin Gayish question, "What's going on?" Why are we witnessing a period of never ending moral bankruptcy? Why are there so many instances of decadence and deprivation? Are humans destined to failings and flaws?

If the Biblical record is true? Yes!

The human species left to his own devices is destined to sin. Without the power of God by ourselves we are incapable of resisting the evil plans of Satan to kill, steal and destroy.

Therefore, every human being needs one of more "prayer partners." Persons who hold you accountable to a high moral standard. Persons who are within your inner circle who know you, understand your weaknesses, and stand with you to continually point you to God as your strength. A prayer partner who you are unable to duck. A prayer partner that will accept no excuses. A prayer partner who demands the inner conviction of a God fearing life. "No person is an island." We cannot move through the journey of life isolated from persons who demand of us high standards for living.

I would pray that everyone identifies a person(s) who will covenant with them to be their prayer partner. Instead of a gossip queen or a beer drinking buddy; obtain a prayer partner. A person who understands the power of prayer and the ever present need to call on your Heavenly Father for strength and guidance.


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