Christmas Tree

Posted by Unknown Monday, December 7, 2009

Should you have a "real" tree in your home or an artificial tree? Over the years I have gone back and forth in this discussion. The smell of pine is wonderful. The fallen needles all over the floor is awful. The symmetry of a natural tree reminds you of winter's wonder. The looming danger of a fire is fearful. Where do you land? Do you bring a "real" tree into your home each year to decorate with all of your Christmas lights and ornaments? Or, do you bring out the trusty dusty that looks the same, is put together in the same way and decorate it in the same manner. Why don't you take a page from the White House and use a different decorating scheme each year. I tried that but only got as far as changing the color of my light bulbs. Well if Christmas is only about the tree, I'm far from the point. For me Christmas is about seeing the youth perform in our annual Christmas eve celebration. It's about feeding families with Christmas baskets. It's about seeing the joy in children's eyes who are not related to you, but you have partially filled their Christmas list wish. It's about being reminded of the love of God who comes to us in the form of a child. For me Christmas is more about the potential for good and the memories of all that is good. It is greater than a tree either "real" or artificial.


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