Playing Music Again

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My family gave me a piano keyboard for Christmas. It was something I always wanted, but had refused to buy. I couldn't thank them enough. I pulled out my old piano training books. Reviewed my flash cards and sat down to bang on the keys, it was humbling to say the least. So much to learn: teaching yourself to read music, learning the keys again, discerning the notes, symbols, and keys. Wow! Learning to play the piano will take a lifetime. I'm sorry I took so much time off. Nevertheless, this is my New Year's resolution - to play the songs that warm the heart and provide strength to the spirit. My hat is off to all those who continue to make music everyday. Who sing or play with the vest of their youth. Who endeavor to continue to learn and perfect the gift that only comes from God. Who practice, practice, and practice to master a song and to become proficient in their craft. Everyone should play some music. Everyone should allow music to become integral to their spirit. I love music! Sweet, Sweet, Music!!!!


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