Christmas Time

Posted by Unknown Friday, December 4, 2009

How quickly time moves? The Christmas season is approaching. Right in the midst of a terrible recession the season demands a change in our moods. From sadness to joy, from sorrow to jubilation, from gloom to ecstasy, we feel the need within our spirits to be jolly. It always amazes me when I see the wide array of Christmas lighting to goes on within a community. From the majestic display of the Washington Monument, to the community street lighting of 34th Street in Remington, and to the individual displays on houses throughout the city; we feel the need to light up the exterior spaces, even if the interior space begs to differ. Nevertheless, we are to praise God in all things and at all times. What time is it? This is the time to remember the joy of a new born baby entering into the world as our Savior. What time is it? This is the time to enjoy the blessings you have and are receiving. What time is it? This is the time to thank God from whom all blessing flow. The Christmas season is a wonderful time to be alive and full of hope.


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