Mr. Percy Sutton

Posted by Unknown Monday, December 28, 2009

Mr. Percy Sutton was an icon. He understood what those of us in Baltimore missed - He acquired and restored the Apollo Theater. We permitted our Royal Theater to be demolished. So unfortunate that we didn't have a political/business figure like Mr. Sutton.

Mr. Sutton combined the negotiating skills of a politician with the business acumen of an entrepreneur. So successful as a negotiator he manage to go and complete law school without finishing his undergraduate degree.

An accomplished lawyer he served as head of his borough. He was the ultimate go to guy in New York. He was proud of his African American heritage and interacted with the famous and infamous.

Personally, I admired his understanding of controlling media outlets. He providing a training ground for many businesses person, think Ms. Dorothy Brunson. He provided inspiration for others, think Ms. Cathy Hughes.

One New Year's eve many years ago, I attended with a friend the final show at the Apollo Theater before he renovated it. The show was electric and the place was magical.

Now the world knows, "Showtime at the Apollo." Many artists have used that theater as their platform to success.

Thanks you Mr. Percy Sutton for understanding that if we want to preserve our treasures it is our responsibility to acquire them, fund them and sustain them. Peace!


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