Mayor Shelia Dixon

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, December 1, 2009

One must recognize that our system of justice is all we have to determine what behavior is or is not according to the law. Our society would disintegrate if there was not such a system of justice. It is comforting to know that the pendulum of justice swings both ways. It is a time honored creed that justice is blind. For those of us within the African American community who have suffered at the hands of justice that on its surface seemed tilted against us, we can only hang our heads in shame that a sister who rose from the very depths of our community, who understood the pain and pathos of our community; now find herself going to bed tonight with a conviction of a misdemeanor crime. How unfortunate we are because to create a Mayor of a City such as Baltimore takes at a minimum 15 years of service. It requires a graduate education and a life long commitment to service. One must expose themselves to the public scrutiny that few survive to commit to a process of distributing limited public resources on behalf of people. Along the way you seek to assist those your know and those you care for. Mayor Shelia Dixon's story is a tragic one. It is a story that is repeated throughout Baltimore - promise shot down too soon. Mahatma Gandhi said it long ago, "public service mandates public accountability." As we discuss and critique our Mayor, may we all know that "he who is without sin, let them cast the first stone." My prayers are for her and her family as they reestablish there lives within Baltimore City.

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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. we all are praying for her but some times you have to remember as a leader. you have keep your nose clean and your eyes open. because i order you a chicken dinner that doesn't mean you change it to a steak. we learn from our mistakes. so this is a lesson to be learn jackie mc.clean had learn it the hard way too then she ended up passing after all the things she went threw so leader are suppose to lead.just like jesus he didn't tell the followers he had to follow him because he was powerful he told them the truth about {GOD}.and who he was and what to do and how to pray he let them know not to be greedy he let them know what would happen if they try to do things that was not of {GOD}. right so let's not get advice on the case LET'S JUST PRAY............


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