Players Lose on Monday Night

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I have avoided making any reference of the Baltimore Ravens in my daily messages. Professional football is a rough and tough sport. Every situation is potentially a dangerous situation. So many injuries and accidents the league is becoming increasingly focused upon protecting the athletes. Nevertheless, last night's Monday Night Football game begs some attention. As I watched the game I realized that in sports and in life you have to have discipline. Without discipline you are subject to fouls and penalties. In sports as well as in life you need a leader to take charge when you are in difficult situations. Finally in sports and in life your offense and defense must preform at an excellent level. The game of football, as well as, the game of life will be lost when you lack discipline, when you are leaderless, and when you performance is less than excellent. Should the Ravens have taken advantage of the opportunities given to them? Should the referees have been a little more lenient with their calls? All I can say is that in sports and in life you will earn what you get and you will get what you earn. Live life with discipline, understand that God is your leader, and pray that your offense and your defense is sufficient.


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