When you need an anchor?

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Usually the sea of life is tranquil and peaceful, but all too often you experience frustration, anguish and issues.

Have you ever had to deal with "issues"?

Those are the experiences and moments in your life when it seems that things are out of your control. Those experiences and moments produce feelings that raise your stress level, creates tension, and sometimes produces anger. The sea of your life is now moving into turbulence. Your ship is going through rocky waters. You are bouncing upon life's waves.

What hope do you have that these moments of frustration, anguish and issues will subside? What cure, temporary it may be, is there to these kind of feelings? When you neither want to get out of the bed, nor leave the house to face your turbulence: because you know in your mind that you are about to blow a fuse, give someone a piece of your mind, pull your hair out, or jump from the highest mountain.

Have you ever had to deal with issues on the outside or issues on the inside? Issues on the outside allow you to find some peace in the solitude of your abode. But, issues on the inside create the need to leave your abode and seek comfort on the outside.
Neither situation is good for you or your love ones.

The danger of issues on the outside is that you may bring that tension into your home and boil like a pot on a stove waiting for something to tigger an explosion. On the other hand, issues on the inside that forces you outside create the atmosphere for justifying acts of indecency or acts of violence.

Where can you find some piece in the midst of life issues?
Where can you find safe haven for your soul?

The Word of God. "Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. "

This word of comfort reminds you and me that Jesus is always available; that you always have a source of release from the pressures of life, that tensions can be eased, that issues can be resolved, that anguish can be calmed, and that in Him you can experience an inner peace - called joy.

"The joy that surpasses all understanding"

That's good news that whatever anguish you may feel, whatever waves you may encounter; you have an anchor, you have a rock upon which you can stand, and you have a shield against all that would seek to steal your joy or disturb your peace.

Even I feel better now, knowing that that true blessed assurance is understanding that Jesus is available, "just when you need him most."


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