What to do after the game?

Posted by Unknown Sunday, June 14, 2009

In sports there is an interesting phenomena created by identifying with a team to such an extend that one believes the success of the team impacts one's own personal reality.

Hero worship is taken to the nth degree - such that persons study, mimic, and learn the personality of their favorite player. They wear their jerseys. They download their pictures. They follow their every public move. That particular player becomes a vicarious extension of their personality.

In some sense that's fine. It good to escape one's reality and to seek experiences that uplift and momentarily change the tenor and tone of one's existence. But the question that always lingers in my mind is, "what do you do after the game?" What does one do when your favor player receives their enormous check, lucrative endorsements, and fabulous vacations? How do you feel when they disappear out of sight to return to the privacy of their own lives?

I believe one feels a void in their life when their favor sports figure takes a break from the public arena and issues no more press releases, makes no more public statements, and avoids the media for a period of time. I suggest that one feels a vacuum, an emptiness, a lessening of their persona; now that their favor sports figure takes a respite.

What do you do after the game is over?

Do you take the time that you allocated to watching your favor sports figure and now get up from your couch and exercise? Do you take a break from the mind numbing cable wide screen television set and read a book to exercise your mind? Do you cease the constant snacking on junk food that has bloated your belly, and/or hardened your arteries.

What do you do after the game is over?

Do you take the time you were separated from your love ones watching the endless series of action and now spend that time in meaningful conversation with them? Do you increase your volunteer time in activities that improve our society and community?

Or, do you just enter a perpetual state of inactivity?

It is exciting to watch the best physical specimens performing feat of athletic prowess that cause everyone to say, "wow!" But I believe it is more fulfilling to engage in activities that enhance your own well being versus being a spectator of other's fitness and economic programs.

We have evolved into a culture of inactivity, ineffective interpersonal communications, and a lessening of common community concern. We are a culture of spectators. Watching life go by and vicariously thinking we are involved.

Now that the game is over. Access your own personal life story and insert physical activity, mental activity and community activity in your program. You will find that others will watch you perform on the stage of life and cheer you to victory over the forces that create a sense of inertia and inactivity.

Play Ball!


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