Father I stretch my hand to Thee

Posted by Unknown Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's Day creates a variety of feelings among families, children and mothers. Depending on the responsiveness of your father, his availability, and dependability; emotions range from indifference to adoration. It is unfortunate that for some the image and reality of a biological father causes dismay. Some are so fortunate that they have experienced the love, affection and support of a strong male figure in their home - their father.

The word reminds us that "if father and mother forsake you the Lord will take you up." That's why we did not create ourselves, none of us are mistakes, and we are all God's children. Fearfully and wonderfully made, God deposits into each of us His Divine Essence. So on this Father's Day, be willing to proclaim: "Father I stretch my hand to thee, no other help I know."

Indeed you will find the comforting love of a Heavenly Father who only asks that you place your hand in His hand and be blessed.


  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Absolutely, WE can only BE grateful that WE were created in a PERFECT image! of OUR HEavenly FATHER!:~)I give praise 2 HIM because HE always remains true to HIS WORD!Secondly, I am overjoyed by the MEN would helped me to understand what a DAD is all about! God Bless and Keep U all!---{--@ a red rose represents my AGAPE love 4 u!~Nasefua

  3. Unknown Says:
  4. The highest level of maturity is when you know that you are "absolutely dependent on the Absolute." Indeed God has the hold world in His Hands - you and me sister!

  5. Chip Dizard Says:
  6. Great post Rev. Hathaway, I posted a special Father's Day post as well. Thanks for being a great advocate for our kids and our schools.


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