The intersection of the Faith Community and Hip Hop Culture

Posted by Unknown Saturday, June 13, 2009

Increasingly those of us in the faith community are wondering how do we interact with and possible influence those members of the Hip Hop community.

Time should lead us to understand that every generation has its defining culture: Lindy Hop, Be Bop, Birth of the Cool, Bohemian, Hippie, Gangster, etc. It is appears that each generation matures from its early definition into a more societal acceptable mode. In other words every group grows up and becomes the status quo.

So it is with the Hip Hop Culture, a phenomenon that has transformed the nature of a cultural fad's cycle and become incorporated into the mainstream.

Therefore, the question really is: "how does the church community communicate with its young?" This has been and is the age old question of the church.

I firmly believe Jesus' proclamation, "that if I be lifted up, I will draw all men (people) unto me." We have attempted to package Jesus in our own likeness. But, he has his own distinctive features. He is a friend to the friendless. One who "stickest closer than a brother." He is a comforter when you need him. He is an advocate when you are voiceless. But most importantly he is a Savior who will rescue the lost, the perishing, and the weak.

That's why we can never give up on our youth, because we are the beneficiaries of people never giving up on us.


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