The Honeymoon should never end!

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The mistake is sometimes made in relationships where they start off like a rocket and soon sputter to the earth. The couple ends up in an emotional roller coaster without an ability to achieve any equilibrium in the relationship. If moods swings dominate your relationship, I would suggest that all parties take a time out and remember the Honeymoon when it all began. The sparkle in your eye when your mate walked into the room. The aromatic sensation you felt when their favorite cologne or perfume scented the air. The whirlwind space of your initial time together when all the possibilities of love and life where before you.

At last your true love is in your life and I submit that the honeymoon does not have to end. True love is an endless search for romantic possibilities. It should never become routine. The needle that gauges your life should always point to excitement and intrigue. Life is lived to its highest potential when you always perceive that it will present new possibilities, new horizons, and new adventures.

A three stranded cord is not easily broken: you, your mate and God. The Apostle Paul says it like this, "What can separate us from the love of God...nothing" I conclude by saying what can separate you and your mate from a honeymoon experience in life - nothing.


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