Our Future begins tomorrow with our children

Posted by Unknown Monday, June 22, 2009

After Father's Day and the Monday blues our attention turns to the children of the community who find themselves looking for non-existent summer jobs, waiting for opportunity to knock on their door, and seeking to escape the violence that is all around them.

Indeed we are forgetting a basic lesson of Jesus when asked what is the Kingdom of Heaven like? He responded by placing a child in the midst of them and remarked that the Kingdom of Heaven is like this little child.

This continues to be our challenge to create safe and nurturing places for our children, to develop homes and communities that are wholesome and safe, and to foster a willingness to teach and train our children at every level of their educational career.

A young man remarked to me the other day after earning his dual JD/MBA that he had been in school for twenty years. He was 25 years old and saw his academic career beginning at the age of 5 years old. Are we willing to support our children through a 20 year educational cycle? I believe using the resources necessary to support 20 year educational careers is far being than a 20 year sentence in a correctional facility.

Let us resolve to become mentors, encouragers, and parental figures to the children of our community. They indeed are our future!


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