What to do when your power is out?

Posted by Unknown Sunday, June 14, 2009

This morning I woke up to a dark house. The power was out and there were no lights, no A/C, no refrigeration, no cable television, no music ... it was awful. Waking up in the darkness without a source of power is a terrible feeling. Baltimore Gas & Electric had an emergency phone number to call when you have a need. I called the phone number and the attendant informed me that a worker had been dispatched. After a period of time the power came on.

In life you will experience moments when you are in darkness and it appears that you are disconnected from the source of your power.
The good news is that God's prayer line is always open and you can call Him when you have need. Life has taught me that He will dispatch an angel on your behalf to attend to your needs.

Thank God that He is the source of our strength and the answer to all of our needs!


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