Just Stand near God Way

Posted by Unknown Sunday, August 14, 2011

"As Jesus was on his way." Luke 8:42

Jesus is passing through the crowd to the house of Jairus, to raise the ruler's dead daughter; but He is so full of goodness that He works another miracle while on the road.

Jesus has no limit to his power or boundary of mission. He is so prolific in grace that, like the sun who shines as it rolls onward in its orbit, His path is radiant with loving-kindness.

He is a swift arrow of love, which not only reaches its ordained target, but perfumes the air through which it flies.

Virtue is forever going out of Jesus, as sweet odors exhale from flowers; and it always will be emanating from Him, as water from a sparkling fountain.

If our Lord is so ready to heal the sick and bless the needy, then, don't be slow to put yourself in His way, that He may smile on you.

Allow Jesus to speak a word into your heart. Seek Him where he may be found. He is present even now, for He always comes to hearts, which need Him.

I am standing in place, praying, knowing that He will pass by. Come by here my Lord, someone needs you!


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