The Beautiful Rainbow

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"The rainbow appears in the clouds." Genesis 9:14

Have you ever seen a rainbow and marveled at its beauty? Upon reflection, I imagine that ever rainbow you have seen emerged from the storm, rains, and clouds that had darkened the sky. It was the dark moments of life that gave way to the promise of the rainbow.

Everyone experiences dark moments. Everyone has storms that enter their lives. If one places their hand in the hand of God, you will discover that the storm will pass over, "hallelujah."

God's rainbow is hung over the cloud of our sins, our sorrows, our disappointments, and our woes to proclaim deliverance. To have a rainbow, you must have the sun, because clouds and drops of rain don't make rainbows unless the sun shines.

Friends, our God, who is as the sun to us, always shines, but we don't always see Him - clouds hide His face, but it does not matter what drops may be falling or what clouds may be threatening. When He shines, there will be a rainbow to assure us of His promise. It is said that when you see the rainbow, the storm is over.


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