God is always with you!

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Yet, I am always with you." Psalm 73:23

These are comforting words for those who worry about life situations. It seems as if the events of the day are out of control.

I awake this morning with a rock- solid confidence that the God of yesterday is the God of today and tomorrow. I woke up this morning with my bed being a spring board instead of a cooling board. I feel deep in my spirit that God is saying to you and me, "Yet, I am always with you."

God is always thinking us. God's hand is continually holding us and shaping us. God's heart perpetually loves us. Even in affliction and turmoil, we can stand before the Mercy Seat with the knowledge that even in our midnight hour, God is always with us."

God's yet is my yes!


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