The Best Seats

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"He seats them with princes." Psalm 113:8

Have you ever been ushered to the best seating? Alternatively, have you been a special guest at a five-star restaurant? Alternatively, have you sat in the best skybox in a stadium or arena?

God has promised to seat you with the princes!

You are one of his chosen people, one of his royal priesthood, and you are a part of his holy nation. You have a courtly audience were only princes have admittance to royalty, and the common people will have to stand afar off. As a child of God you will have free access to the inner courts of heaven. You will be able to approach the throne of grace with confidence of knowing you belong.

As one seated with the princes; you will have access to abundant wealth. Nothing will be spare. You will have to want for nothing. You will also find that you have a peculiar power, and your seat is a place of special honor.

God has all of this a more for you, not in the, by and by, but right now!

Do you want to sit in your special seat?


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