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Posted by Unknown Sunday, September 6, 2009

For over 105 years, Union Baptist Church has stood in the middle of the 1200 Block of Druid Hill Avenue. Throughout its 157 year history the ministry, the ministers, and people have had a far reaching impact on the social conditions of persons living in the City of Baltimore, the State of Maryland, and America.

During its 157 year history, ten preachers have served as pastors of this historic church. Four Ministers have had an unusual impact because of their tenure: Rev. Dr. Harvey Johnson served for 50 years; Rev. Vernon N. Dobson served for 40 years; Rev. Baxter L. Matthews served for 27 years; and Rev. Timothy Boddie served for 10 years. Therefore these distinguished clergy served a 127 years of the 157 years. What a powerful testimony to consistency and stability.

I'm humbled and honored to mount the pulpit each Sunday as the 10th Pastor in Union Baptist Church's history.

These times are placing additional demands upon the church. How does it respond to the challenges faced by families and children? How does it help bridge the digital divide? How does it deal with health care disparities? How does it engage a mobile congregation with those still living within the neighborhood? How does it restore an aging physical plant and make the necessary improvements to insure that its continues as a safe haven within this community? How does it continue its history of excellence in music, in ministry, and in the gospel message?

These questions and more create the continuous needs to study biblical literature, references, and the Holy Bible.

I will begin a new series this month on "Why Do You Fear?" Its intent is to minimize our fears and to increase our reliance on God.

I pray that your worship experience this Sunday is fruitful and blessed.


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