A Mother's Love

Posted by Unknown Friday, September 11, 2009

Their is something very special about a mother's love for a child. A tender embrace, a warm smile, and reassuring caress affirms in a child that the world is safe and secure. It also says to a child that they are important and significant. So much is communicated when a mother holds her child and transfers to the child an assurance that no matter what "I am with you."

Losing a mother is a deep loss for every child. The safety blanket is gone. The anchor from the storm is no more. The depth of feeling one is used to receiving is replaced with a wound that never seems to heal.

Enjoy the love of your mother. Treasure the presence of one who affirms. Cherish the memories of times together.

I miss my mother and every now and then I wish she where here so I can talk with her about the blessedness of life's journey. I would thank her for always been consistent about the love of God and the salvation found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. I would applaud her for giving her all for my best interest. I would show her the awards, certificates, diplomas and news clipping telling of some of my accomplishments that I had dedicated to her.

I would remind her of the many things that her grand children are doing that shows "that God truth endures from generation to generation."

There is nothing like a mother's love. It really makes the world go round.



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