How to Rebound from a Knockdown - Real Life

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Everyone experiences a temporary setback or even a knockdown in life. The question is do you get back up?

In the case of Whitney I must commit that I am not as objective as others. Her mother Cissy Houston is a personal friend. Cissy is one of the all time great background singers. From assisting Elvis Presley to Luther Vandross, she helped each of them and many others arrange background vocals that added the oomph to the songs we loved to hear. Every Sunday Cissy can be found in her New Jersey Church leading of singing in the choir. She is a tremendous mother and an outstanding person. Being a good mother she only wishes the best for her daughter.

She introduced Whitney at the tender age of 17 to Clive Davis of Arista Records who invested in her career that propelled her to stardom. But as an adult Whitney made some bad decisions that negatively impacted her life and career. Now she is seeking to rebound from the knockdown she so publicly suffered. Now she has to face the public once again to seek redemption and support.

I plan to purchase her CD. I pray for her restoration. Not as a commercially successful singer; but as a child of God who had a prodigal experience and now needs the tender loving care of a merciful God.


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