Let's Play Tennis

Posted by Unknown Monday, September 14, 2009

I watched the tennis match with Serena Williams. It is unfortunate that the official interfered with the match. She was having a difficult time as it was.

For those who have watched tennis over the years, you have seen some nasty displays by others, such as Illie Nastase who was nicknamed Nasty. You may also remember John McEnroe who also had outbursts on the court.

At every level African Americans are held to a different standard of behavior in athletic endeavors. Can't condone the behavior but fairness should prevail.

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  1. Tennis is a game of sport. Winning and losing is a part of any sport. The William's sisters have obviously won more than they have lost, so for Serena to be so aggrieved over the possibility of losing a tennis match (championship or otherwise) to the point she would threaten to take action that would cause death (shoving a tennis ball down the referee’s throat) is in the least over-reaction, and at its worst immature.


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