Swine Flu and the Church

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, September 16, 2009

If this is the image of protection from H1N1 (Swine flu) what are we going to do in the church were people congregate in close proximity to each other. Do you tell people to where masks? Do we provide hand washing solutions for every to have in the pews? Do we tell people to leave if they sneeze or appear sick? What do you suggest? Why is it that all of a sudden of all the many disease in the world, we are confronted by a projected swine flu epidemic?

Recently in my international travels I encountered person in airports and on planes wearing masks? The fear is real. Is it grounded in reality? Are the medical and pharmaceutical forces aligned to make a quick buck out of all the publicity generated by this H1N1 mass hysteria?

My question is still on the table what do we do in the church? Do we wash down and sanitize all of our surfaces where peoples hands may touch? Do we tell the ushers to keep hand sanitizers in their pockets? As the pastor do I cease shaking peoples hands or giving them an embrace?

I'm open to suggestions!


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