Pressing On Through Your Storm

Posted by Unknown Sunday, January 27, 2013

Into every life a storm will come, the question is, "how do you press on through your storm?"

 The secret is to understand the blowing of the wind. Storms produce one of three distinct winds: headwinds, crosswinds, or tailwinds.

 Headwinds are those turbulence that meet you face to face. They confront you directly. You see them coming. You can either hunker down or rise above headwinds.

Crosswinds come unexpectedly from a direction unseen. They can knock you off your feet and severely alter your path. After there blast you must find your way back to your equilibrium. This may take time and the going may be rough, but maintain your focus to return to your positive direction.

Tailwinds are those forces of wind that propel you quickly to your goals. They push you, motivate you, stimulate you, and propel you to do something miraculous.

Understand the winds within your storm and you will find strength for your journey.

"Keep me from turning back
My hand is on the plough, my faltering hand:
But all in front of me is untilled land,
The wilderness and solitary place,
The loving desert with its interspace.
What harvest have I but this paltry grain,
These dwindling husks, a handful of dry corn,
These poor lean stalks? My courage is outworn.
Keep me from turning back.
The handles of my plough with tears are wet,
The shares with rust are spoiled, and yet, and yet,
My God! My God! Keep me from turning back."



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