Victory is right around the corner

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We held our jobs meeting today for persons interested in working construction jobs on the State Center Project.

Over 1,000 persons showed up and filled out survey information.

We developed the mantra, "everybody wants a job."

The people expressed that they were ready, able and willing to work.

The International Labors Union agreed to providing people with free training. We are demanding that the State of Maryland adopt a workforce agreement in the Master Development Agreement that states that 50% of the jobs will go to area residents. We can win this fight for the residents of our community.

"Everybody needs a job!"

Furman L. Templeton Elementary School

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In today's Baltimore Sunpapers you will find an article about 2011 Charter Schools. One of the schools mentioned is The Furman L. Templeton Elementary School in the Upton Community of West Baltimore.

"•Furman L. Templeton Elementary School, which would reinvent itself as Furman L. Templeton Preparatory Academy and focus on "preparing youth for the 21st century" by adopting a new curriculum that includes outfitting their elementary school students with netbooks."

I applaud the efforts of all those involved you are working diligently to create a quality school for our students in this community. I have a particular interest because Union Baptist Church sponsors a Head Start Program. It is our desire that our graduates will enroll in the new charter school to continue the progress they have begun through our Head Start Program. The dream of a continuum of education is emerging within our community. We need to stay involved and vigilant. We need to continue our collaboration around all that is good and progressive.

Morgan State University

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My daughter as an alumnus of Morgan State University generates the excitement in my home when Homecoming Weekend comes around. My wife and I had the opportunity to experience the Morgan Gala last night at Martin's West. It was an outstanding affair. Heard the new President Dr. Wilson speak. He is destined to have a positive impact on the school.

Today, for those in the know, people are traveling to Hughes Stadium for the football game between Morgan and Delaware. Homecoming weekend is an exciting time.

Congratulations to all those who call Morgan State University their school.

Its all about Jobs!

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In Friday's Afro American Newspaper, the position the clergy and community has set on the State Center Project job opportunities is posted.

Across the city we must agree that this project must have clear, concise job hiring goals for local residents and the participation of local businesses. We must monitor that the goals are met with punitive actions in place if there those goals are missed in any way.

Too many persons within the community are unemployed or underemployed to permit a public works project sponsored by the state to be awarded to developers and contractors without the needs of the local community being written into the agreements.

On Wednesday, October 27, 2010 at 3:00 p.m. in the Harvey Johnson Center, 1219 Druid Hill Avenue, we will hold a meeting of persons who have initially registered to work and are ready, willing and able to be trained and gainfully employed.

We will not stop until the members of our community are organized, their voices are heard, and their concerns are addressed!

Endorsement for Governor O'Malley

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I promised to give my endorsement of a candidate for Governor of the State of Maryland after the interview on WOLB by Larry Young. The radio interview was held this morning. I am now ready to state my endorsement. I must admit that the choice is really limited to the major party candidates. While I encourage alternate party candidates to run, we have a long way to go within the State of Maryland to create a viable third party option.

I endorse Governor Martin O'Malley for a second term.

This is not a ringing endorsement.

I am quite concerned that Governor O'Malley will continue the policy of former Governor Ehrlich to build a juvenile detention center in Baltimore City. He has requested more information upon which he states he will base his final decision. I suspect that he is waiting until after the election to state what he will do. The pressure needs to stay upon him to change his mind and offer the more appropriate approach which is to increase funding for prevention, education and rehabilitation of juveniles and not build this senseless facility.

I am concerned that in the State Center project he has not insisted that the development team specify concrete job hiring and training goals for local residents. Pressure will continue to be placed upon the state to insure that the full employment of local residents and the full utilization of community based businesses is a reality.

I am concerned that as he advocates for a knowledge and technology based economy; the state of our educational systems are not keeping pace with the rapidily changing world. Too many students of color are languishing in underfunded and outdated schools. His efforts in this area have to significantly increase during his next term.

I would urge an increased role for Lt. Governor Brown as an ambassador to the African American community. He is next in line as a candidate for Governor. He needs to increase his visibility and accessibility to the African American community. He is not a lock as a successor.

I would urge Governor O'Malley to maintain the excellence cabinet of African American leadership that he has in the ranks of secretary of major agencies. He should elevate more African American judges and appoint more African Americans to paying and non-paying commissions.

Finally, the Governorships across America are really a referendum on the leadership of President Obama. Maryland must stay firmly in the Democratic column so that we can send a message to America that in Maryland we support our President.

Mr. John H. Murphy III

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Mr. John H. Murphy III has joined the celestial band of angels. Throughout his life and career he stood for the best within our race and exhibited excellence in all that he did. He permitted me and other youth in Baltimore City to carry with pride the "Afro" newspaper.

We sold those papers throughout the city of Baltimore. So respected was his marketing genius that we could get on a transit bus without having to pay a fare as long as we were hawking the papers by saying, "Eddie Afro!." I don't really remember making much money; but I do remember having a lot of fun and feeling good about myself because I was a part of something big.

In his retirement you would see him with his trusty camera taking pictures and documenting history. He understood the importance of those things we take for granted today. He wanted to be certain that history recording the culture through the lens of his camera and his viewpoint.

His lovely wife, Mrs. Camay Murphy, is worthy to carry on his legacy as well as her own. I pray for her strength and that of the family as they continue their advocacy for all that is good.

New Psalmist Baptist Church

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God blessed me today with the opportunity to share in the opening day worship at New Psalmist Baptist Church in the Holy City of Zion. Bishop Walter Scott Thomas, Sr., the officers, and members of New Psalmist are to be commended for being obedience to God and believing that all things are possible for them who believe. The experience was awe inspiring and spirit filled. May God continue to bless this cutting edge ministry. It provides an example to us all of what it means to be attentive to the details and directions God requires in Kingdom building.

The Wiz

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With family and friends went to see the play, "The Wiz" at The Center Stage last night. They have an amazing cast of talented singers and actors. You can find world class entertainment in Baltimore. For those who wish to escape the regular and mundane, go see "The Wiz."

It's a brand new day!

People need Jobs

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The 1st Phase of the State Center Project in Baltimore is on the street for bids by construction managers. It's an impressive project that will forever alter the landscape of West Baltimore. Since its inception I have been involved with the singular goal of insuring that local residents and businesses benefit from this $1.5 Billion project. I firmly believe that all parties have operated in good faith. Nevertheless, life has taught me that unless you are at the table when decisions are being made, you are out of the loop. At present the people who are out of the loop are the persons who live within the community who may desire to work one of the many construction jobs that will be available. Persons are saying to me to wait until the contract is awarded and then the jobs will become available. For me that is too late, I believe the local residents who wish to work, should be identified, trained, and organized so that they are able to report to the job site on day one. I don't want local residents to wake up one day with a job sign being posted and their being hired is catch as catch can. Therefore, in partnership with the International Labor Union, I'm seeking to organize 200 persons who wish to work and are willing to be trained to work on Wednesday, October 27th at 3:00 p.m. at Union Baptist Church.

Chilean Miners Rescue - Amazing Grace of God!

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The rescue of the Chilean miners has captivated the attention of the world. The brilliance of engineers, architects, and planners are on display. The intestinal fortitude of the miners has people all over the world in awe. Since yesterday, periodically the men are being transported from deep in the mine to the surface by a capsule designed for that purpose. In other words a specific rescue plan was developed for them.

This reminds me of the awesomeness of God. He has designed for each of us a specific rescue plan to save our souls. All we have to no is to hold on and be willing, ready and able to be lifted up from the pit of our despair.

I am a witness that He will lift you up!

"I was sinking deep in sin, far from the peaceful shore, very deeply stained within, sinking to rise no more; but the master of the sea heard my despairing cry, from the waters lifted me - now safe am I. Love lifted me. When nothing else could help. Love lifted me!"

Ehrlich or O'Malley?

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This evening is the debate between O'Malley and Ehrlich. Is it a waste of time to watch two men who are so disconnected from the needs of my community push positions that will not change the trajectory of the misery and despair so many people feel? Will either one make a difference in the misery index that is felt and is real? Both have had the opportunity to demonstrate their governing ability, both are known commodities, and the results of both are lackluster at best.

Ehrlich is riding a national anti-establish mood that will seriously impact Democratic candidates throughout America. O'Malley is hoping that the strength of the Democratic machine will carry the day.

There are some questions that need to be asked of each candidate: Will you support stopping the building of the $104 million dollars juvenile detection center? What is your plan for creating effective rehabilitation and recreational programs for youth? Will you support legislation that mandates that 20% of every project that receives state funding hire and train residents of the local community in which it is located? Will you make that legislation retroactive to include the State Center project in Baltimore? Will you support fully funding Thornton? If so, by when? If these questions are not asked tonight, be certain that I will ask those questions of the candidates when I meet privately with them on Thursday with a small group of community businesspersons and leaders.

After that meeting I will post who I will support.

More Stain Glass to Brighten your day!

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This morning I am sharing a side view of Union Baptist Church and the multi-colored stain glass windows that so beautifully adorn our sanctuary. Our ancestors understood simplicity and beauty. They designed a sanctuary that exemplified their respect and worship of God. As we move through this Saturday towards Sunday, I pray that each of you pause for a moment and "think about the goodness of the Lord while we are in the land of the living." I believe we all will conclude, "that God is good!"

Take time to Pray

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This stained glass window is prominently placed in the rear of the main sanctuary of Union Baptist Church. It was designed by John LaFarge, an American stain glass designer who developed the opulent glass technique made famous by Louis Tiffany.

The calming effect of the rays of sun that dance through the window with a rainbow array of colors produces a calming effect and a tranquil sense of peace. After dealing with the many issues of one's day, it good to know that there is a place of solace and safety.

The song would say: "Sweet hour of prayer, that calls me from a world of care and bids me at my Father's throne make all my wants and wishes known! In seasons of distress and grief, My soul has often found relief, and oft escape the tempter's snare by thy return, sweet hour of prayer."

An Apple a Day

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My mother would say to me that, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." She was reminding me of the importance of eating fruit as a part of my diet. In our health conscience society we find eating fruits and vegetables is very important. Having a healthy body is what God wishes for everyone.

I've also found that it is good to laugh sometimes. Everything in life cannot be taken seriously. In fact scripture says to us, "a merry heart doeth good like a medicine."

Therefore, have a good apple and a good laugh today!

Balm in Gilead

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There is a Negro Spiritual entitled, "There is a Balm in Gilead." This song communicates the biblical textual meaning of Jeremiah 8:22, "Is there no balm in Gilead? Is there no physician there? Why then is not the health of my daughter of my people recovered?"

Many persons come to religious institutions all over the world seeking healing for their souls and spirits.

To emphasize the church as a place of healing, Rev. Vernon Dobson commissioned the creation of what we call, "The Balm in Gilead Window" in 1975.

Depicted here in a view of the Main Sanctuary of Union Baptist Church you will find those words craftily etched in the stain glass. What you will also find are the words, "Ain't That Good News!" The power of the love of God is that He is available to you, "Just when you need Him most."

The formal process begun over three years ago came to its logical conclusion with a dedication program at Union Baptist Church. The process of which I speak is what the church undertook to have it placed on the National Register of Historic Places by The Department of Interior's National Park Service. Forever in the national records of The United States of American, this African American Baptist Church will have its many accomplished noted and its record of service maintained. Rev. Dr. Harvey Johnson, a former slave, did not permit his enslavement to curtail the power of his mind and spirit. Once free he attended and graduated from Wayland Seminary in Washington. D.C. and proceeded to work for the cause of freedom of people of African descent everywhere. Much can be attributed to his 50 years of service as the Pastor of Union Baptist Church. He understood, long ago, that the Constitution of the United States of America was a tool that could be used for liberation of African American people. He, along with Attorney Waring, would take cases to court on behalf of African American people and won. So successful was his strategy that W. E. B. DuBois replicated it on the national level through his work with the N.A.A.C.P. I commend the members of Union Baptist Church for persevering through this process. The role of this church and the legacy of our ancestors will forever be in the national records of our country.

the social network

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For anyone that wants to understand how "FACEBOOK" came to be and why we are using it right now; go see the movie "the social network." I saw it last night with my daughter and it is the bomb! It walks you through the nuances of an entrepreneur. It explains the role of Harvard University when it says, "its students are not educated to get a job, but to create jobs." It outlines how FACEBOOK has become an global force that has no limits. It's originators and investors have all become billionaires. The tag line is, "You don't have 500 million friends and not some enemies."

Hope in Life

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"Faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things unseen."

You are on the dawn of a new day, new possibilities, and new opportunities.

Live life expecting a miracle. Live life in anticipation of God doing a new thing in you. Live life with a sense of encouragement. Live life knowing that you are blessed and should be a blessing to others. Finally, live life with a heart of thanksgiving.

Coppin State University

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If I tell you a secret, can you keep it to yourself?

Okay, this is it!

Coppin State University is on the move in a major way!!!!!

I hope you don't sleep this outstanding Historic Black College and University. It is the crown jewel of West Baltimore.

They have reinvigorated the Coppin Heights Community Development Corporation under the leadership of Dr. Gary Rodwell.

Their new President Dr. Avery is a visionary and committed to making Coppin the model of an urban university that is committed, not only to teaching, but to transforming its community.

I suggest that you visit the campus. I recommend that you direct students there to gain the academic support they will need to become productive students.

Coppin State University fly like the eagles you are intended to be.

We are proud of you!

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