Mr. John H. Murphy III

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mr. John H. Murphy III has joined the celestial band of angels. Throughout his life and career he stood for the best within our race and exhibited excellence in all that he did. He permitted me and other youth in Baltimore City to carry with pride the "Afro" newspaper.

We sold those papers throughout the city of Baltimore. So respected was his marketing genius that we could get on a transit bus without having to pay a fare as long as we were hawking the papers by saying, "Eddie Afro!." I don't really remember making much money; but I do remember having a lot of fun and feeling good about myself because I was a part of something big.

In his retirement you would see him with his trusty camera taking pictures and documenting history. He understood the importance of those things we take for granted today. He wanted to be certain that history recording the culture through the lens of his camera and his viewpoint.

His lovely wife, Mrs. Camay Murphy, is worthy to carry on his legacy as well as her own. I pray for her strength and that of the family as they continue their advocacy for all that is good.

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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. IN THE name of OUR EVER-PRESENT HELP---we kindle & BESEECH YOU Jevohah JIVEH, JEVOHAH NICHE--JEVOHAH RAFAEL--to TENDERLY embrace this FAMILY--it is WELL with OUR souls to ACKNOWLEDGE a LEGEND....we appreciate HIS SPIRIT--as coming directly from YOU -now as HE enters his manSIon--WE appauld his RACE--we THANK YOU THAT by HIM~ OH GRACIOUS REWARDER~ YOU taught US h(onesty) O(PENDMINDNESS)-w(illingness)HOW~~ TO STAND FIRM 4 RIGHTEOUSNESS.....

    WE LOVE <3 you LORD & allllllllllll BY THE POWER & AUTHORITY that YOU put inside of US


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