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Posted by Unknown Thursday, October 14, 2010

The 1st Phase of the State Center Project in Baltimore is on the street for bids by construction managers. It's an impressive project that will forever alter the landscape of West Baltimore. Since its inception I have been involved with the singular goal of insuring that local residents and businesses benefit from this $1.5 Billion project. I firmly believe that all parties have operated in good faith. Nevertheless, life has taught me that unless you are at the table when decisions are being made, you are out of the loop. At present the people who are out of the loop are the persons who live within the community who may desire to work one of the many construction jobs that will be available. Persons are saying to me to wait until the contract is awarded and then the jobs will become available. For me that is too late, I believe the local residents who wish to work, should be identified, trained, and organized so that they are able to report to the job site on day one. I don't want local residents to wake up one day with a job sign being posted and their being hired is catch as catch can. Therefore, in partnership with the International Labor Union, I'm seeking to organize 200 persons who wish to work and are willing to be trained to work on Wednesday, October 27th at 3:00 p.m. at Union Baptist Church.


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