Endorsement for Governor O'Malley

Posted by Unknown Thursday, October 21, 2010

I promised to give my endorsement of a candidate for Governor of the State of Maryland after the interview on WOLB by Larry Young. The radio interview was held this morning. I am now ready to state my endorsement. I must admit that the choice is really limited to the major party candidates. While I encourage alternate party candidates to run, we have a long way to go within the State of Maryland to create a viable third party option.

I endorse Governor Martin O'Malley for a second term.

This is not a ringing endorsement.

I am quite concerned that Governor O'Malley will continue the policy of former Governor Ehrlich to build a juvenile detention center in Baltimore City. He has requested more information upon which he states he will base his final decision. I suspect that he is waiting until after the election to state what he will do. The pressure needs to stay upon him to change his mind and offer the more appropriate approach which is to increase funding for prevention, education and rehabilitation of juveniles and not build this senseless facility.

I am concerned that in the State Center project he has not insisted that the development team specify concrete job hiring and training goals for local residents. Pressure will continue to be placed upon the state to insure that the full employment of local residents and the full utilization of community based businesses is a reality.

I am concerned that as he advocates for a knowledge and technology based economy; the state of our educational systems are not keeping pace with the rapidily changing world. Too many students of color are languishing in underfunded and outdated schools. His efforts in this area have to significantly increase during his next term.

I would urge an increased role for Lt. Governor Brown as an ambassador to the African American community. He is next in line as a candidate for Governor. He needs to increase his visibility and accessibility to the African American community. He is not a lock as a successor.

I would urge Governor O'Malley to maintain the excellence cabinet of African American leadership that he has in the ranks of secretary of major agencies. He should elevate more African American judges and appoint more African Americans to paying and non-paying commissions.

Finally, the Governorships across America are really a referendum on the leadership of President Obama. Maryland must stay firmly in the Democratic column so that we can send a message to America that in Maryland we support our President.


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