Ehrlich or O'Malley?

Posted by Unknown Monday, October 11, 2010

This evening is the debate between O'Malley and Ehrlich. Is it a waste of time to watch two men who are so disconnected from the needs of my community push positions that will not change the trajectory of the misery and despair so many people feel? Will either one make a difference in the misery index that is felt and is real? Both have had the opportunity to demonstrate their governing ability, both are known commodities, and the results of both are lackluster at best.

Ehrlich is riding a national anti-establish mood that will seriously impact Democratic candidates throughout America. O'Malley is hoping that the strength of the Democratic machine will carry the day.

There are some questions that need to be asked of each candidate: Will you support stopping the building of the $104 million dollars juvenile detection center? What is your plan for creating effective rehabilitation and recreational programs for youth? Will you support legislation that mandates that 20% of every project that receives state funding hire and train residents of the local community in which it is located? Will you make that legislation retroactive to include the State Center project in Baltimore? Will you support fully funding Thornton? If so, by when? If these questions are not asked tonight, be certain that I will ask those questions of the candidates when I meet privately with them on Thursday with a small group of community businesspersons and leaders.

After that meeting I will post who I will support.


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