Standing out in a crowd!

Posted by Unknown Saturday, June 26, 2010

"Being different does not mean that you are deficient." This quote by Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright reflects the idea in this picture. Too many persons go through life with ego related problems because sometime and somewhere someone said your were different. As a result some people have spent their lives attempting to fit in. If you think about people who are successful in any field you wish to emulate, you will quickly discover that the singular trait they possess is that they are unique different than anyone else. The reverse holds true for those who inherit the label of a "failure." What makes being different not a deficient? I believe when one realizes that they are a unique gift from God. It is God who has created you in a very special way. It is God who has given you gifts and purpose. Your job in life is to discover your gifts and to find your purpose. Which are you one of the white eggs or the spotted egg? Whichever you decide you are special in God's sight!!!!


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