Life's Crossroads

Posted by Unknown Monday, June 28, 2010

Can anyone count the number of times who had to face a crossroad in your life? It seems just when you think everything is going fine; a crossroad loams in the horizon. The path becomes confusing and the decisions are monumental. Which way do you go when you face your fork in the road? How do you decide the path to take? Is all of life just a series of random choices? Does anything make sense as your travel along your road of life? Well I wish there was a simple answer to this dilemma. There is not! Life is learned through observing the experiences of others. Life is learned by making mistakes, corrections, and right decisions. The prayer one must pray is that God is directing your path instead of you wondering aimlessly in life. The prayer must also be that you will have people with wisdom who care about you and advise you. The prayer must be that God will give you another chance to get life right. You will learn that as you keep living; you must keep learning.


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