Mr. Alvin Greene

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Remember the Eddie Murphy movie, "The Distinguished Gentleman," when he decided to run for Congress because he had the same last name as the incumbent who died. In the movie Eddie won!

That was just a movie, it couldn't happen in real life.

Well it did! If you have been following the interesting story of Alvin Greene in South Carolina, he is the democratic candidate for the United States Senate. After appeals and investigations, it was determined that he is the legitimate candidate who will compete in the general election. What's intriguing about the story is that he didn't actively campaign; he simply had his name on the ballot.

If America is to be the land of the free and the home of the brave; well Mr. Greene is living a dream. Only in American could his scenario play out. Well, maybe only in South Carolina could his scenario play out. In any event, I'm calling all of my cousins and relatives and asking them to vote for Alvin!!!!

Maybe because we share the same first name, I might be biased.
What does a U.S. Senator earn?
Alvin for Senate; sounds good to me!


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