Mr. John Wall

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, June 29, 2010

John Wall from Kentucky is the #1 NBA Draft pick, chosen by the Washington Wizards. Not only was he an outstanding college point guard, he has a compelling life story. Only 19 years old, he is a multi-millionaire. In fact the starting five of his college team are all now multi-millionaires. That's having a crew! These young men will be able to put together a business syndicate second to none.

You should read the story of John Wall and quickly you will discover that he will be an instance hit at every level of Washington D.C.'s society. He has street creditability and Wall Street marketability. He has a $25 Million Nike contract already in hand. He will be the highest paid rookie as a result of being #1.

But its his story that is powerful. His story affirms the truth that, "you are not defined by your context, but by your content." In other words where you come from, the circumstances of your youth, the color of your skin, or the side of the tracks you were born on does not define who you are or whose your are; that definition is determined by your faith in God and your strength of character.

I wish Mr. John Wall well. He has a compelling life story which can be an example to many youth in our day and time.


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