We are still safe!

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The recent incident in New York illustrates the power of honest communications and the governments investigative powers. The uncovering the evil intent of the owner of an abandoned SUV began with a street vendor smelling something burning and notifying the police.

This very fact demonstrates the powerful network of street vendors who have been organized to make money and to be the eyes and ears of New York's finest on the streets of the city. In my visits to New York I was always amazed by the organization of the street vendors. Their hawking of their wares didn't seem either random nor did it seem clandestine. Because of the amazing street traffic in New York a vendor standing on a designated corner with a specific product is able to make a living through their entrepreneur spirit. I understand that training is provided and structure to their wholesale purchases.

For those familiar with international travel, you find similar structures in the Bahamas and Brazil. By organizing the street vendors and their fruitful relationship with local police, the New York systems has built an amazing network of eyes and ears on the ground. This time it worked!

The Obama administration exhibited its outstanding forensic science ability as it pieced together the evidence that enable them to arrest a suspect who was on an airplane traveling down the runway about to take off. They stopped the airplane and arrested the suspect aboard the plane.
This proves the effectiveness of The Obama administration in ferreting out persons who attempt terrorist acts within our borders. Kudos to them for their investigative and detective capacity.

I will continue to visit New York to enjoy the shows, the good food, and it international favor.


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