More Citizens of Baltimore Should Read the Bible

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It is becoming very obvious to me that people of faith need to proclaim their faith in the marketplace. Elements of our society and community are rapidly disintegrating. The moral fabric is seriously frayed. I believe encouraging persons to read from a moral book, like the Holy Bible, will give people strength to face the issues of the day without succumbing to the tricks and traps of the evil one. I declare that Baltimore must become a Bible reading City and the process for making that declaration public begins now.

In 2009 Philadelphia was designated as a Bible Reading City. Moves are being make to have Baltimore designated in 2010.

Let me know if you would be a supporter of such a designation.

We would use Bible reading as a method to curtail adult illiteracy by using it to teach people to read. For those who know their history this method was used during the period when it was illegal to teach those of African descent to read. We would establish literacy centers in local faith communities where person would come to read and learn to read.

We would distribute free of charge Bibles to all those who wish to have one for their reading purposes. We would promote a structured program of reading for 100 adults. After completing the reading program they would receive a HP notebook for continued reading pleasure. Many of you know that you can download free of charge a Kindle application that permits one to download books for incredibility low prices.

Prayer is powerful when one understands clearly the promises of God's word.

In 2010 Baltimore should become a Bible Reading City.

Let me know if you like this. We need our Mayor to get on board!!!!


  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. I offer my FULL support ---as I will begin to PRAY daily for this venture!! ! in the name of Jesus. Also Dr., please let me know if there is anything way that I can be of USE---> my TIME, TREASURE, OR TALENT!!! My, my, my, what a revolutionary approach...WE shall win in 2010. My phone number is 443-857-3020.

    Sister Nasefua Ferguson

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. Truly an inspired idea whose time has come. What a wonderful means of sowing biblical thought into the consciousness of people who are otherwise unchurched or unexposed to spiritual principles. Even as reading skill is acquired, the word of God works beyond it as the power of God to transform lives! This idea is now a part of my prayer regimen and I expect success in this endeavor- I touch and agree with you!

    Minister Adam Turnage III


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