Praying in the midst of changing times

Posted by Unknown Thursday, May 27, 2010

Later this morning I will preach a eulogy for a women who God blessed to live 101 years. Longevity does have its place when one is blessed to live for more than a century, that person was an eyewitness to epic times in history. The tragedy of our times is that far too many persons are dying too young. Cut down in the prime of their lives by violence and preventable diseases. Is prayer the answer? Yes, when it is coupled with a commitment to change and improve one's circumstances. Yes, when options are available that will direct one from a path of destruction. Yes, when one develops the strength to break loose from unproductive behaviors and/or unproductive people. The old adage says, "that prayer changes things." A better adage is "that prayer changes people in the midst of things." More and more I'm convinced that there are people who need to change, and sooner is better than later. No you know any? Are you one?


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