Morning, Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Without God, this world indeed would be a desert place without an oasis; but thank God, every once in awhile, in this vast wilderness, we come to a spot that we call, "The Sweet Hour of Prayer," and there this little caravan may stop for awhile, and be refreshed with a little talk with Jesus. Let us unload now at that spot, and bow our hands and hearts in earnest prayer. Rising above every other need, O heavenly Father, is our great need for Thee. More than our bodies need food, and drink and clothing, and shelter, do our souls need to feast and find refreshment upon Thee, and to feel Thy righteousness wrapped around us as our garment, and to find shelter and peace for our souls in the refuge of eternity. Thou great Rock of Ages. Make us know that Thou art here, O God, and let us realize Thy presence in the affairs of our lives. Forgive us where we have sinned. Touch Thou the sick who are in need of your healing. Visit the prison-bound, and bless every burdened soul, and liberate every bound spirit, we ask in Jesus name, - Amen.

Ralph Mark Gilbert 1941


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