Marble Steps

Posted by Unknown Saturday, May 22, 2010

You are from Baltimore and must be "old school," if you remember getting up on Saturdays to scrub your front steps. You would have your bucket of water, scrub brush, and beach. Approximately at the same time all of the young people would be out on the front scrubbing steps with the unspoken challenge of whose steps would be the whitest. Such pride in where you lived was on display. Teaching responsibility and demonstrating a sense of community were the values that where taught. "Old school" could be "new school" if we return to instilling life values and moral principles in our children. If adults returned to their proper leadership and teaching roles and if we reinforced that where you live does matter; our communities would become oasis of hope, caring, and love. Instead of reminiscing, we need to be insisting that were we live becomes a community once again.


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