Plowing the street where I live

Posted by Unknown Saturday, February 6, 2010

I wonder when I'm going to see one of these come down my street. When you live on a side street in Baltimore you understand that in a storm of this size, the street you live on is not a priority. Well, I guess I can chalk Monday up as a loss and maybe Tuesday. Getting up and down my street will be hazardous.

I hear there is more snow in the forecast later this week. Where no you put all of the snow when you shovel your way out. I almost need Martha and the Vandellas to send a "Heat Wave." Young folk won't understand that!

Now I know I need a 4 X 4 vehicle. They chew through the snow like a bear cat. At least I can eat up the can goods I've been storing. I was saving them for a raining day. But a snowed-in day is far better.

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  1. If the attorney Dwight Pettit still lives near you, he used to have a Humvee. He may sell it cheap.


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